Health is a relationship between you and your body. 

Listening to your body is a choice to have a greater life!

Create a life and a body that you enjoy living in!

At INNERGETIC AWAKENINGS, the target is waking up the vitality IN you!


Would you like to live in a body that you really enjoy living in, full of health and vitality, by renewing the energy that is already within you and allowing health, wellbeing, and vitality to be what you experience with your body, mind, and spirit. 


People who embrace this and become empowered by it, achieve long-term wellness, regardless of age or how near or far they feel from their physical, mental, or emotional goals. 


At Innergetic Awakenings, Advanced Massage Therapist, Donna Hall-Hildebrand, will listen to your goals, concerns, symptoms, and anything you feel that is getting in your way from the vitality that you know you can have. Although one of the ways she measures her success is based on how well your symptoms improve, her approach is to look at the underlying issues, find the root cause of the symptoms and address that instead of just the surface symptoms themselves.  Donna's approach is to see each client in a new fresh perspective, different from any other client.  Each person has a body, life experiences, and a past that is truly unique and is full of information and clues that can empower them to wake up the vitality that is already with in them. 





Donna is an excellent health wellness provider and coach.  She has the ability to identify ...

Donna is a fantastic massage therapist and a very caring person.  She is intuitive and "listens" ... 

Donna has healed me spiritually and physically over the past 12 years.  Her ability to read and ...



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