Donna Hall-Hildebrand is a life and energy coach, and a facilitator of empowerment & transformation classes. Donna has enjoyed helping individuals reconnect to their own knowing, talents, abilities, and capabilities to restore both vitality in their body and potency in their being. She has a great desire to show others a new reality with their bodies, where kindness and gratitude are present and judgment of bodies is removed.  


Donna is a Certified Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator and Practitioner, Certified Practitioner of The Balance Your Life® Energy Coaching Program, and a Certified One Command® Practitioner. She has participated in A Course in Awareness®, Landmark Education® Curriculum for Living-Coaching-&-Leadership Programs, and studied many other transformational methods and energy modalities.


These have all contributed greatly to her understanding of how to use energy and the many tools that she shares with others for finding greater ease in getting out of judgment, removing barriers, clearing limitations, creating possibilities, and living a life of choice.  


The acceptance Donna has for people gives them an opportunity to be in allowance with where they are, at any moment. Donna's willingness to look at herself and openly share with a sense of realness generates a refreshing experience for those she works with. Combining that with her genuine enthusiasm for life, she leaves people motivated and empowered to act.  She creates a level of comfort and clarity that allows people to come to awareness quickly. 


Donna also enjoys facilitating classes where she explores and invites ways to include your body, receive your body, create with your body, and empower your body in a way that turns you on.  What if your body is the beginning of possibilities you didn't know you had? 

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