Ever feel like your body is working against you?  Do you spend more time judging your body than appreciating your body? Do you see your body more as something you struggle with or something you enjoy? 

  • How can functioning with out judgment of your body create and allow for incredible change to occur with it?

  • How much are you willing to receive from your body and for your body?  

  • What if you could communicate with your body and know everything your body requires and desires?

  • What if you could be connected to the magic and magnificence your body truly is?

  • How can we most empower our bodies? 

  • What if our bodies are actually trying to empower us… but we aren’t listening to them? 

  • What if the more we listen to our bodies and trust them, the more we receive from them?   

  • Would you like to discover EASY tools that allow you to know and hear what your body would like you to know?

  • What would it take to know what our bodies are truly capable of and what they want us to know?  


This class is like NO OTHER class!!  You won't learn about nutrition programs, diets, exercise programs, or anything like that!  Instead, you will learn how to tap into and recognize everything YOUR BODY KNOWS ABOUT BEING A BODY! What an interesting concept!  


Would you like to learn a method for being able to discover what your body knows? If you wanted to learn how to make money, would you talk to a homeless person or would you talk to a billionaire?  If you wanted to know how to dance, would you talk to a dancer or a football player?  If you wanted to know how to speak Spanish, would you consult a Chinese person?  Pretty funny, huh?  But we do this all the time.  How many point of views and opinions have we bought into, that actually don't create ease for our bodies and our lives... even though we thought we were getting information from the "EXPERTS"?  WHAT IF YOUR OWN BODY COULD BE THE EXPERT OF YOUR BODY, LIFE, AND REALITY?  

What does YOUR BODY KNOW that NO-BODY else knows?

5 Hour Class (can also be two 2.5 Hour Classes) $100 at Event / $75 Early Registration & Payment

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