Your body is a sensate, sensorial organism. You and your body are in proprioceptive awareness of everything.  Your body has the ability to facilitate you to an awareness of greater embodiment. Instead, in this reality, we most often use our bodies as a source for judgment.  

Would you be willing to have a different reality with your body?  

Energetic Body Processes help to undo any programming that keeps things from changing for you and your body.  They help you to change discomfort, pain, and dis-ease into something that contributes to you.  Energetic body processes empower you to discover your own awareness of different energies while nurturing your body and allowing it to be the unique catalyst for change that it is.  

Your body is designed to give you an awareness of embodiment, to give you the awareness of the energy of the world around you. What if these awarenesses were a gift from your body that you misunderstood as pain or discomfort and then judged it into dis-ease? What if it is actually an "intensity" and not "pain"?  If you were able to listen to your body and the awareness it was communicating to you, how much intensity could your body let go of? 

Bodies desire to change.  What if your body was the beginning of possibilities you didn't know you had?


In a session using Energetic Body Processes, hands are placed on specific parts of the body, relating to specific organs, joints, muscles, while specific energies are called and run through the practitioners hands for the body of the recipient. 

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