“When you change the energy, the outward situations of your life change as if by magic.”      

-Dr. Dain Heer

Have you ever felt tired then decided to go for a walk to wake yourself up?  What changed?  Did you go from lying down in a quiet room to moving in nature or going on a jog with your favorite upbeat music playing in your earphones?  You probably get the point.  Lying down has a different energy than moving around.  A quiet room has a different energy than the sound of nature or a busy and lively town square.


If your body had no movement, no flow of fluids, and no energy running through it, what would you be?  Lifeless.  

Energy moving in your body is VITAL to how you feel!


When working with the body, Donna listens to the energy in many different ways, so that it can change. Everything is a clue.  Everything is information…. your physical symptoms, the way you breath, where you body is moving and where it feels stuck, your emotional state, your mental outlook…. and it is all connected. 

Energy is EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING is Energy!


Beneath everything we see, and even all that we cannot see, we find molecules, particles, and waves. This is energy.  

We can feel energy, and we have many names for different types of energy.  For example, happiness is an energy we have a name for.  Anger, gratitude, overwhelm, disappointment, regret, excitement… all different energies that we feel, sense, and have names for. 


The great thing is… We can change energy.  By listening and feeling for the energy of the body, Donna is able to detect where the energy is flowing and where it is STUCK.  Without fail, pain and disease is a result of either energy NOT FLOWING or energy that isn't harmonious to health being present!  Donna looks beyond the symptoms (whether they be physical, mental, or emotional), by listening to the information and clues they provide, to get to the underlying roots of what is creating the decline of vitality you are experiencing. 


You will leave feeling relaxed, yet revived and rejuvenated.  Simply by unblocking where the energy is stuck in the body, your body will begin creating new energy that causes you to feel alive and "back in the game".  Donna helps to unblock the energy in your body through advanced massage techniques and modalities, hands on therapy, restoring movement and flow in the body, and offering a fresh perspective towards your state of well-being.

Would you like to generate more vitality in your body and life?  Consider a session with Donna consisting of any combination of: Advanced Massage Therapy, Energy & Life Coaching, Energetic Body Processes and/or Access Bars today! 

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