What is the value of knowing the difference between a judgment or an awareness?





  • So what are judgements?

  • How do they limit us & lock us up?

  • How can we know when we are having an awareness versus being judgmental?

  • Did you ever consider that there was a difference?

  • Did you know that when you judge anyone (including yourself), you can ONLY create more judgment?


Does your concern for other people's judgements dictate your choices and how you live YOUR life?

What if Judgements weren't real?


The interesting thing is that we've all been taught that we need to judge everything. It's even more interesting when we look at all the justifications we have in place to support why we should judge and how we should judge. Would you be surprised to know that this can only create more justifications, judgements, and limitations of what else is possible?


Do you ever make someone else or something else greater than you, so much that you put them in the driver seat of your life?

Believe it or not, this is the number one way we create judgements of ourselves.

The one standard that most of us use to create the judgement of us is to put other people in the drivers seat of our lives instead of us ... And when we do that, not only are we completely controlled by their judgements, but we also create no other option but to judge them for it. We don't even know we are doing it! It's a vicious cycle that we loop through all the time.


How many judgments do we have that aren't even even ours? For example: judgements about what's appropriate, right or wrong? What about the judgements we have about others or ourselves? Do those really belong to us, or did we just buy into them from some other source?


So, how do you keep from being SUCKED INTO JUDGEMENT?

Would you like to be free from being sucked into judgement?


This class is about being able to identify what judgements are, what we get out of them, and how to get free from them, so that we can truly live from awareness & create more possibilities.

4 Hour Class: $75 at event / $50 Early Registration and Payment

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