"Rejuvenated and Energized ..."

My massage with Donna was a new and different experience from what I've had with other massage therapist.  I felt like she really got connected to my body, worked out so many different things, and it was wonderful!  Donna was thorough with my massage & found things that I hadn't even known were there.  Usually when I leave a massage I feel relaxed, but lethargic.  After my massage from Donna, I felt relaxed, but rejuvenated & energized. It was unique & I loved it.


- Bethany


"Freedom from low back pain ..."

Following my massage with Donna, I felt very good physically and energetically. Donna's work with me has allowed three major things: -new postural alignment that I have been struggling with for ages; freedom from low back pain that's been there for awhile; and new strength in my mind to clear what isn't mine (lots of yucky stuff) and focus on what is (lots of good stuff like well-being).


- Kathy



"Now I get it!"

Before I met Donna, I'd had a couple of massages on vacations & never really understood why so many of my friends loved massage.  It just didn't seem that great to me.  My friend gave me a gift certificate to receive a massage from Donna, & it took me a year to use it.  Actually, the only reason I finally used it was because Donna told my friend I never came to see her & the gift certificate was about to expire.  So, out of obligation, I finally got a massage from Donna.  All I can say is... "NOW I GET IT!!  I didn't know massage could feel LIKE THAT!  The RIGHT massage therapist makes all the difference!  I can't imagine getting a massage from anyone else, and I look forward to all my massages with Donna.

- Tony

"No More Aches and Pains!"

I've been  getting massages with Donna for about 10 years and can't live without them.  I've gone to physical therapy, and chiropractors and while they help some, Donna is the only provider who really know where the kinks are knots are and how to effect long-term changes to my aches and pains.


- Andi

"... The Best Wellness Provider"

Donna is an excellent health wellness service provider and coach. She has the ability to identify physical issues and apply techniques to resolve them. Donna is able to identify the source of muscle pain and create a plan to reduce or alleviate the problem through massage.

She is without question the best wellness provider I have ever met.


Jim Piot

Amerigo Asset Management Corp. Owner

"She Listens To Your Body"

Donna is a fantastic massage therapist and a very caring person.  She is intuitive and listens to your body to identify the issues.  Donna uses a broad range of advanced techniques to address and treat a variety of my issues.  I have used several therapists over the years and she is by far the best!


- Erik Hicks

Martial Arts School Owner

"Donna Has Empowered me Spiritually ..."

Donna has empowered me spiritually and helped me physically over the past 12 years.  Her ability to read and understand my body and ailments have been instrumental in maintaining my personal and professional life.  She has kept my career going!!!  I could not recommend Donna more!!!!


- Dr. Elizabeth Jaynes


"Absolute Best"

I've tried several massage therapists and can say hands down that Donna is the absolute best. I've now been going to her for close to 20 years and have learned to depend on her to know just what I need and to keep my pain to a minimum. Thank you, Donna, for all of these years os excellent care.

Karen Prager Eaves

"Hip, Foot and Leg Pain Gone"

Donna is the BEST. I've been going to her for about a month. I've had hip, leg and foot pain since June when I stepped in a hole. Chiropractors did not help. Donna seemed to know exactly where the pain was coming from and worked those muscles. At first the treatment lasted several days and has gradually increased so that I can go a month without pain. The other day I walked into her office feeling like crap and left feeling like a million bucks!

Claudia Harris Townsend

"Neck and Shoulder Pain Gone"

I sought help for my neck and shoulder pain for years. Then I was referred to Donna. She is the first person to get me pain free! I have referred many friends to her and can’t say enough good things about her.

Julie Benson

"The Best Massage Ever"

The best massage ever. Donna, has the unique ability to focus on areas of tightness, pain and nerve numbness and by the time she is done each area has been addressed to where I leave a new man. The abilities of Donna far exceed anything I could write about and give it justice I would highly recommend her for women, men and children seeking relief of muscle and nerve pain, or just wanting a relaxing massage. As a resident of Lantana I am very pleased she provides massage services in our city.

Jim Piot

"Amazing Intuitive Ability"

I cannot say enough good things about Donna and her amazing intuitive ability to know exactly what you need in a massage session. She is compassionate and knowledgeable. Whenever I see her I feel like I've been given not only a great massage but a mind, body and soul overhaul!

Christi Abbott Tracy

"Innate Gift of Reading The Body"

I have been going to Donna for years, and as a former massage therapist, I can say HANDS DOWN this is the best massage/body work I’ve EVER had. She truly has an innate gift of reading the body and letting her hands follow!!!! She is amazing!!!!! Thank you, Donna!!!!!!

Holly Jones Walta

"Helps With Injuries and Eases the Mind"

Donna is an amazing massage therapist! I have been with her for over 13 years and i would not go to anyone else! She not only helps with injuries but will put your mind at ease!

I highly recommend Donna.

Missy Draughton Jaynes

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