Does your life turn you on?

Is your life dripping with joy from the joy of living?

Is your life oozing pleasure from the adventure of living?

Is your body humming and turned on by the infinite possibilities that surround you?

What do you desire?

...gratitude for being you?

...acknowledgement & validation?

...nurturing & caring?

...intimacy & connection?

...delicious relationships that honor you?

...more pleasure in the bedroom?

...flow & ease with money?

...confident body?


What if you are the source, the master switch, that can light up your life?


Come join us in this "ladies only" class and enjoy a delicious brunch,

or join us live through Zoom via your computer. 

Physical Location Information 

& Zoom Log In Information

will be sent out following registration

2 Hour Class ~ $75 at event / $50 Early registration & payment 

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